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Digiking is the best solution for digital marketing. We provide the Marketing service on all types of digital platforms like Social media, Websites, Google, Youtube, etc. 

We do not focus only on design and content but we also focus on how to grow our client’s business. By Digital Marketing, We decrease your marketing costs and increase your business growth. 

Our Team

Mayank Tripathi


Tanu mehta


Karan Solanki


Vishal Gediya

Market Researcher

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Design is considered the decoration of a business brand. Through it, people are instinctively drawn to the brand and pay attention. So that we are successful in delivering information to the customer like new changes made in your business, offers, features, etc …


The second step after the design is content. By design, a person will be attracted to us but then the content is necessary to give him business information in a concise, effective, and easy way and Our Content writer is a master at it.

Market Research

Design and content alone are not enough for successful marketing. What are the steps your competitors are taking, how to advertise your business against them so that your business also grows? How to do good marketing at a low cost? Our Market Researcher will work on all these matters.

Result-Oriented Work

If you do not get the right result after marketing, it will be considered a cost of money and time. But we will convert it into an investment instead of a cost. We have specific experienced people for each field of marketing. Whose focus is always on Result-Oriented working.


You will always be aware of what we are doing for your business, what we have improved, where and how much has been spent from your budget, etc…  So This transparency will increase the closeness between you and our company.

Client Reviews

I had started my new business after lockdown. I worked on it 6 month. but My business did not grow. So I took the help of Digiking. Now I can grow my business easily.
Keyur Dave
I have a food court. I wanted to grow my business. So I spent money in many digital marketing agencies. But they did not give me the result. Then I found out about Digiking and I joined him. And indeed, at a very low cost, they grew my business and gave me satisfactory results
Jay Tank
I am very happy with digikng. I like his service. They hide nothing from us. They discuss in depth with us and create a specific marketing strategy for us. So that our business grows easily.
Satish Ajmera